Friday, April 14, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received three nice v-mails today, all written on the twenty-seventh. One from you, Mae, and Sis. Got a letter from Erv the other day too. Sure have to laugh at him. Glad to hear you passed around the request letters. No candy has loomed on the horizon as yet but it must be on the way. Mae told me all about the nice time she had on her visit. It’s too bad the weather had to turn bad. She says she’s sweating out a package from Erv. Do you really like that cameo or are you shooting me the old el toro? It sure looked cheesy to me. Did I send the broken one too, I don’t remember? I know I don’t like the bed spread but it was the best I could do. Had a little close call but guess my luck is still holding out. Hope it continues. Got a big kick out of Sis telling me to notice the new stamp on the envelope of her v-mail. I’d like to be where that stamp ended its journey. Not much use of sending those airmail as they only go in airmail as long as they are in the states and then the chances are they’ll go airmail from then on anyway. Sure do miss you, honey, and will sure be glad when we can be together again. How soon does the Ouija board say that’s gonna be now? I’m still okay. Hope you are too. Bee good and I sure love you.

So long.


Sisters-in-law Gee and Mae keep each other company while their husbands, Snook and Erv, are away at way.

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