Sunday, April 16, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Lost track of the number of letters I’ve received in the last few days. I got letters from everyone tho, I know that. Got one from Billy. He sure writes a masterpiece. Did he ever get the one I wrote him? Got one from Claude too. A four pager. In Mildred’s letter she said Claude had sent the letter to Erv but it looks (as any fool can plainly see) like he didn’t.

I’ve been sweating out those Easter togs. As long as we’re not running in the red I don’t care what you buy. Don’t let some of those salesmen mess with your feet or you will end up crippled. If I ever get back we’re going to stay in bed so long that people will begin to wonder if you are crippled. Mae sent in a report to me on the activities that went on when she visited you. Too bad the weather had to act up so.

Haven’t seen Chick anymore. Maybe I’ll get to later on.

I see you guys are all worrying about Erv. I don’t know why that bronze star should get you so excited. It means his squadron has been in action somewhere but not him. He’s part of that organization so he’s entitled to the ribbon too. He’d let me know if he was doing anything. You’re allowed to tell about past actions up to a certain date. You can’t tell everything but at least you can get a few words in. From the sound of your letters as to what you read in the newspapers, you know as much, if not more, than I do as to what goes on.

I even got a letter from Dad dated March 31st. He sho’ do get on a rampage. I heartily agree with everything but there isn’t anything I can do about it. If I could tell you how we’re fighting the war you’d die laughing but it ain’t funny, McGee.

Sis has been turning out quite a few letters of late too. She must be having quite a time with those teeth. She said the south end of the buffet was reserved for the armed forces. Wouldn’t mind being there sampling some. Do they ever make you a hot toddy?

I’m glad you passed around the request letters. I can’t begin to write to all of them although once in awhile I can splurge. I’ll start ending all my letters with a request for something then you can dole them out. That last batch sure came at a good time.

If you can, I’d like to have some v-mail forms and a couple writing tables and envelopes. A couple of those small v-mail packs are good enough. Also would like some candy bars. How’s that for an order?

Want to write some more letters tonight so will sign off now. Sure love you and miss you honey. Be good,

So long now.


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