Sunday, April 30, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your April 14 morale builder the other day. We’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t had much time to write. Can’t understand those two week rest periods in your receiving letters. Sometimes it’s a couple days or so before I write but not two weeks. Got a nice long letter from Hilah too. It was dated March 21 but was sent regular mail. She let’s me know all the things the kids do. They are having some old trouble with water getting in their basement.

Well, give me the bad news on that shopping trip to Chicago. Did you have a good time — and ain’t that a crazy question. Sure wouldn’t mind romping around Chicago again.

So I’ve got you on a forgery count, hey? Been trying to get something on you for a long time. I’ll keep the letter as evidence. Anytime you feel like getting foxy, let me know. Don’t think you’ll get more than 20 years. You really should have raised the check too.

Guess Hilah has finally talked Jack into getting her a dog on the pretense of getting it for the kids. These women, you can’t win.

Say, is Hilah in the know about the pictures in the Tribune? She wrote and asked but I can’t remember whether I told her about it in my letter to her.
According to all reports we are suppose to get some beer. Yes, I said beer. Something like a fifth every two weeks. Haven’t seen the color of it yet but am sweating it out. It’s been a long time since the last one.

The kind of soap I told you we were short on is laundry soap, not face soap. I can manage enough without you sending any tho. After taking inventory, I find I have plenty of stationary too.

Haven’t seen Chick anymore. Maybe we can get together again later on. Poor kid, he sure wants to get home but not until it’s over. That’s pretty much the way we all feel. We’ll be glad when we really cut loose so it will feel like we’ve accomplished something.

Mom told me about the nice plant you got her for Easter. That was nice of you but then you’re always nice. A certain somebody told me that you were the one the songwriter had in mind when he wrote “You’d be so nice to come home to.” I don’t know why I’m telling you all these tings because there will be no living with you. You know how you are when you get a compliment. Did I ever tell you — but that’s an old story.

Have been playing a little softball now and then. Enough to keep me stiffened up pretty well.

I don’t think Chick cares much whether school keeps or not as far as Rita is concerned. He’s got his mind pretty well made up, I think. It’s a dirty shame, especially when she has such a swell mother.

Sure miss you a lot, honey. Think of you all the time. Can hardly wait till we can get back in the rut again. You know — go to town on Saturday, pay all the bills and come home broke. Those were the days.

Would like to have some candy bars if you can still manage. Haven’t received any yet. That’s all I need for now.

Love you, honey. So long now.


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