Saturday, May 13, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Thought for sure Christmas had come early today. Man, did I ever get the stuff! That sure is a swell picture of you. Is that the one you were referring to as to using a coupon for it? And was that the surprise you were talking about in your v-mail of the 26th? If it was it was a nice surprise. That’s a dandy frame too. I really like the picture. I still say you look thin.

If you can’t make this out it’s because I’m trying to balance this tablet on a piece of cardboard and write at the same time. Doesn’t work so good does it?

Got your swell big package of candy and cheese tidbits too. Also some more funnies and two Hersey bars done up in a package. How come? Then the tablet (this tablet) and envelopes. Sure makes a guy feel good to get all this stuff. We had our P.X. rations again yesterday. I got the limit of candy which is six bars and my bottle of beer. It was pretty good this time. Had about a quart, it looked like. The other time we got it in water cans and it was flat.

Just finished taking my second shower of the season. Feel like living again now. Sure is hot out but gets cool of an evening [sic].

Chick says his camera is okay if he gives it a slap now and then to loosen it up. The shutter doesn’t want to work very well. He had just received a couple boxes of candy too.

I got a lot of letters yesterday. Got Claudie’s April 13. Got a Easter card from Aunt Stella and v-mails from you, Mom, Mildred, Sis, Florence and a letter from Sis too. Hope Sis had a nice trip to Kansas. Should be pretty warm out there about now. Remember in Newton, Kansas the Red Cross gave us some things there.

We are suppose to have a band play tonight. Would like to hear it.

That’s swell that you are getting the Stars and Stripes. What edition do you get? The Italian, or Mediterranean or is it a special paper? Would like to get the Yank sent to you too. Will see how to go about it. I get a big kick out of “Sad Sack” and the cartoon of “Joe” by Mauldin. He’s good.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, isn’t it? Thought I heard one guy say it was. Guess I’d better write my Mommy too. Don’t get much chance to write now. I’ll have to stop now pretty shortly and lead that parade to chow. Food has been pretty good lately.

Wish I could guarantee you no more close calls but that’s out of my hands. They fly thick and fast.

Chick invited me to a movie tonight but I can’t go. Wish I could. He really rates on the movies. Got a typewritten letter from Harry [Croft] that was a dilly. He sure writes some funny ones.

Better quit now. Sure love you and miss you.

So long, kid.


A “Willie and Joe” cartoon by Bill Mauldin.

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