Sunday, May 14, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your swell air mails of April 30th and May 3 today. Also got a v-mail from Erv.

You sure must be hard up for something to do if you got out all my old clothes and washed them. I got some right now that you could wash if you wanted to. They are kinda filthy.

I haven’t seen the May 1st issue of Life or the cemetery so I don’t know much about either one. The latter is the last thing I care to know about. W.D.W.S. is getting on the ball sounds like. When radio stations can take time to call you up to let you know news like that it’s getting pretty good.

This isn’t such a good way to spend Mother’s Day, is it? Wrote me mommy a letter for Mom’s Day, that’s about all I can do towards the cause at present. You’re not any momma yet, except my sweet mamma, but we’ll get into that subject at a later date. Namely the next time I see you.

You hit the jackpot finally on the Time magazine article. The censors must be loosening up a little. It’s a rugged little ol’ Force and has earned quite a name for itself. I hope there is more articles like those printed for the collection.

Showed Kellershon your pictures and all he could talk about was the time we went on the binge together. Remember?

I read about the floods in the Stars and Stripes. Sure glad you don’t live around there. One less worry. Really must’ve been bad this year.

Want to dash off an answer to Erv’s letter while the pencil is still hot. He never tells me much either except the trip he’s planning after the war. It would be nice to get away and relax sometime for awhile.

Sounds like the bridge club has about gone to hell. Poor Miller. The first G.I. he tries to convert to his way is liable to open, or rather close his eyes.

Sure would like to see one of those good movies you talk about. Maybe I can wander around to Chick and see one with him. I don’t like to wander around at night tho.

If you have some spare candy lying around loose, send it on, I like to have it. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


The aforementioned cemetery at Anzio that Gee asked about, from Life Magazine, May 1, 1944, p. 34.

Google Books has the May 1, 1944 issue of Life Magazine available to read, which includes an article about Anzio (pp. 30-34). I might’ve found the Time Magazine article cryptically mentioned here, but also found a similar photo of the Anzio cemetery in Time’s April 24, 1944 issue on page 24, which also mentions the baseball games in which Snook and others at Anzio frequently participated (and which have been mentioned several times in the letters already).

From Time Magazine, April 24, 1944, p. 24.

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