Tuesday, May 16, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your v-mail of May 1st and your airmail of April 18th. I’ve already received later airmails than that but I cease to wonder about the mail situation anymore.

Went to see Chick last night but didn’t get to visit with him much because they were playing a game of softball with another outfit. Chick pitched a nice game and won 5 to 1. He had a clothing check to sweat out then and by the time he got back it was getting dark so I left shortly. One of his buddies brought me back. He let me read some of your letters. He got the same ones I did so there wasn’t much new to read. Was surprised to learn of the Picard gal getting married. Kinda young isn’t she?

Too bad about Dale Trees’ wife. I didn’t even know he was married. I read the article you sent Chick about it. They hadn’t even been married a year, had they.

Had a letter from Sis while she was in Kansas. She told me all about the high water. Really must have been rugged around there. I think the Missouri River spends three fourths of its time out of its banks. Don’t pay for it to have banks does it?

Chick said he wrote you four or five times not to send him that Baby Brownie camera. Suppose you got his letters too late.

My eye is coming along in pretty good shape. Practically healed up. There should be a law against bugs like that.

Had another very fine shower today. They are being too good to us.

Got a phone in my dugout and it’s hooked up to the radio at the Company C.P. Fred Warring just came on playing his “When a Chesterfield is Burning.” Got one burning now too. It’s a rebroadcast and it’s sure better than listening to Sally and Jerry and their German propaganda. Now they are playing “Ain’t I Ever Gonna Get a Girl in My Arms.” Beginning to wonder the same thing.

Gotta go now. Sure love you and miss you like everything.

So long now.


“In My Arms” is the official title of the song Snook refers to in his letter.

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