Wednesday, May 17, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your letter of May 3, rather the v-mail of that date, a letter from Mom of the same date, and one from Claude dated April 29. Seems like the air-mail is coming faster, or just as fast at least as the v-mail now. So you know what that means.

Sure happy to hear the camera is on its way. You shall have pictures, I hope. I’m more interested in taking pictures of other things than myself tho. Sure have wished many a time for a camera.

Went to a homemade rodeo last night. The boys rounded up all available cows, steers, mules, horses, and what-have-you and put on a show. I think most of the steers were either too scared or too surprised to know just what to do. They had one stud horse that was a mean son-of-a-gun. One guy rode him finally after tiring him half to death. He ran down in a ditch and wallowed around down there for half an hour before they could pull him out. They had half a dozen beautiful horses they used for a race. Put on a couple good races.

Our platoon softball team has played several games against some good teams and won every one so far (knock knock). I don’t know whether we are just naturally good or the other teams being (?) just stinks. We beat Close’s platoon 24 to 0. Even went so far as have all the fielders come in and sit down. Boy, were they mad! The game we had with Chick’s team fell thru. I told you about that.

My eye is okay now. Had a mighty sore peeper for awhile. Don’t see yet how one little bug could cause so much trouble.

Got quite a kick out of Mom’s letter. She asked me if I was sick when I told her about suffering from “88 fever.” The 88 is a German tank gun quite well known by the G.I.s. She says Vic is in New Caledonia wherever that is. I’ll write to him if I can get his address.

Would sure like some more candy and plenty of film if you can get it. Thanks loads for all received. You know I appreciate it. I’m clear out again. Chow hog, that’s what.

Sure love you, honey, and miss you all the time. Be good.

So long.


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