Wednesday, June 14, 1944 (second v-mail)

Dearest Gee.

Hope you got the other one first or rather both of these together! Sure wish you could have been along with me, honey, we’d really have done the town. The only difficulty was the eating. The restaurants kinda sneak their doors open when no one is looking and then about the time you get to the door everything is “finetto.” We found one place where we had steak tho — at least they called it steak. It was really tender, no potatoes, a bunch of greens and some Italian buns. The meal cost 84 cents, don’t ask me why the four cents. Also had champagne there too. Eight of us inhaled six quarts at three bucks a bottle. Things were hazy in Rome for awhile. I forgot to thank you for the [St. Christopher] medal you sent me. I have it on my dog tags now. Recently I would like to have had those plastered all over me. I read the news practically every day and it sounds pretty good. The boys in France are having a tough scrap. Every time they mention eighty-eights I shiver. I’m sure hoping and praying this is all over soon. It seems like years since I’ve seen you. I’m wearing your picture out, kid. Still love me? Got a v-mail of the 24th from you and one of the 25th from Mildred. Sure enjoyed her eight pager. Maybe I can rip off an answer yet. Sure love you and miss you, kid. Be good.

So long.


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