Friday, July 7, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Boy has the mail ever been pouring in! In the last two days I got two delovely packages. One from you and one from Mom. The one from Mom had three rolls of film in it so I can romp again now. The developing end of the deal is the worst. The cookies were devoured last night by me and Nelson, Lee, and a few others. I got the lion’s share. We brewed up a pot of coffee and really made a meal of it. Got a sack of peanuts that was very fine and I’m really stocked up on candy again. Sho thank you kindly, madam. To get back to the mail. Got your June 12 air mail, also yours of 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26th. Got two from Mom, and one from Sis, and one from Erv. Been doing a powerful lot of reading. Sis sent me a gob of stamps and now Mom sent me three more. They were slightly stuck to the paper but they finally came loose. (This sure is poor ink – think I’ll change.). This is better.

Was certainly surprised to hear the news about Chick. I didn’t get to see him but some of my boys did and they said he was alright. I suppose by now that he has told you the particulars. If you are only in the hospital a few days with a wound they’ll write and tell you. Mine was different. I haven’t heard anything from him. He hasn’t answered my letter.

I liked the pictures very much. How did you ever get Harry to pose? Linda is sure cute. She’ll be the belle of the ball when she’s sixteen. I hope I’m home before then.

Kid, I’m afraid you’re a little wrong on the tapestry deal. You do talk like a veteran. Should have had you in Rome with me as a guide. Saw all that you were talking about. I told you in a later letter where it came from. Maybe you haven’t got it yet, or the censor cut it out!

Was sure glad to get off that beachhead and start living a little more like human beings. After you got used to it, it wasn’t bad but I never did get used to it. We still have a couple dogs. One is a mongrel — a big one that’s so leggy he eats laying down. We call him Sad Sack. The other is a nice police dog puppy. We are raising him on Italian and English both. Once in a while Garcia slips in a little Spanish on him and gets him confused.

By the way, that hat you have on in that picture — I hope it was the camera’s fault. Or is that what the world is coming to? They should let a guy at least come home and pick out his wife’s hats. To me that hat looks like it’s sitting six inches off your head. It must be a mistake.

I hope Joannie is right about Chick coming home so soon but the last time I talked with him, his hopes weren’t so good.

Sure enjoyed that nice four page air mail. I must have stirred up a hornet’s nest when I bragged on Mildred’s letters. Sis is turning out meatier pieces now too. Really like those kind tho.

Wish I could be there for our seventh anniversary, and that’s for sure! I’ll sure think of you extra hard that day. Hope it isn’t like I celebrated last year’s.

I gotta slow down and dash Mom off a line now. Should write Erv too. Wish I could see him.

Sure liked the description of all the babies! I gather they are all kinda in between. Well, guess this is all now. Sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long now.


I think this might be the hat in question, but I’m not entirely sure.

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