Sunday, July 9, 1944

Dearest Gee.

No letter from you last night. I got a long one from Erv and a v-mail from Es tho. Erv wrote three big pages which is a record for him. I haven’t been doing so good by him myself. I answered his last night and that’s all I wrote.

Wish I could find out what the deal is on Chick. The hound ought to write and let a guy know something. I know it couldn’t have been bad, at least we got that much.

Es said you guys took movies of the folks. Glad of that. They should be something to see.

I guess you’re right about all the girls there growing up. Suppose now if I got them in the car and took them to the skating rink you’d bust my head in, hey?

Sure wish I was there to drive them. We’ve been working pretty hard. It’s so hot that it sure tires a guy out. We amble around with our shirts off and half the time in our shorts. The dago gals don’t pay any attention. All they want is something to eat. They have more than we do now. I’m getting a tan myself.

Did myself a washing last night. Need the rinse on them too. Washed a pair of coveralls, cap, a pair [of] socks and two undershirts. Don’t think I’ll iron them tho. Don’t have any wood work to wash (and wouldn’t wash it if I did).
What are you planning for the anniversary? Anything special? Hope I can spend the next one with you.

I’ll hold off mailing this till tonight maybe I’ll get a letter from you.


Well, I got your nice long letter of the 27th. You kinda outdid yourself there. You’re doing a lot of guess work but your guesses seem to pan our. Erv never has said anything to me. I’m trying to keep track of him but it’s a tough job sometimes.

Awfully sorry to hear about your cousin getting killed. He must have been in on one of those flying bombs. Has Joe and Bud got them a good deep air raid shelter? I feel sorry for them. They lead a tough life.

So Chick had his picture taken. Mighty fine. Thanks for begging but you’re a little late. I’d rather send myself home anyway. A picture can’t do you much good. My dough always runs out too quickly anyway. Should get paid any day now.

You don’t have to worry about my drinking. That just happened to be an event which had to be celebrated in style. I’ll tell you all about that sometime. Kelly is writing right across from me and won’t leave me alone. Guess I’ll have to quit. Would sure like to have more film if you can manage it. Suppose now I have a camera I won’t get any film. Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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