Monday, July 10, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your nice June 28th air mail today. And still another picture bites the dust. No, I’m afraid I’ve never been in that part of the country. Up to date I don’t know of any news photographers taking any pictures with me in it. They might accidentally slip one over some time when I’m not looking tho. I noticed in the Life Magazine, don’t remember the date, of some paintings of Amchitka and Adak Islands. I wish you would save those. It sure brought back some sickening memories.

So now you are worrying about me getting personal with some of these dago women. Honey, you sure don’t have to worry about that. I still (in army terms) “keep it in my pants.” If you could see these gals your worries would ease. The only decent looking ones I’ve seen so far have been in Rome. But all I want is you.

So you are laying off a month. It’s about time you were getting a rest. What’s this trouble you have with your hip and how did it happen? You never mentioned it before. Let me know the details and have it taken care of.

If it will make Jenny happy to get a letter from me I’ll have to write her one. There’s lots of people I should write to ahead of her tho. I got a nice v-mail from Coe today and I haven’t written her for a long time. Maybe Joe has more time than I.

Don’t mind you going on those vacation trips with Mildred and Mae but don’t you start getting personal. The last deal at that Indian business you went to didn’t appeal to me. As long as you’re home I don’t worry. Or should I?

I expect pretty soon the people will really start finding out there is a war on when the casualty list starts coming in from all fronts. I’m sure glad we’re just “Somewhere in Italy” and not “Somewhere in France.” That sure is rugged there, I’ll bet. However, they still kill them off in Italy too.

The Italian summer is pretty nice. It’s hot in the daytime but there is nearly always a nice breeze blowing and at night I use two blankets. I wish you had a little of it, maybe you could sleep better.

We were pretty dang busy about this time seven years ago, weren’t we? Kinda counting the days. Sure hope we don’t have to spend another one apart. The war news sounds good but they still have a long row to hoe.

Guess I’ll have to leave you here. Sure love you and miss you like everything.

So long now.


Gee and Mildred Cain Barber on the trip Snook mentioned, to a tourist-focused “Indian Village” in central Illinois.

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