Wednesday, July 12, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received your June 31st letter yesterday. It was nice and newsy. It’s funny that Jenny would start wondering at a time like this about Joe, don’t you think? She is entirely too flighty. I don’t think she knows just what she does want. Just so you don’t get that way.

I’m on C.Q. today hence the typewriter. It’s been so long since I’ve handled one of these things that I forgot how.

What so you mean, I should send you cigarettes? I have to buy mine too, but they are only a nickel a pack. Is there a serious shortage of cigarettes now? Why don’t you start buying old Bull Durham and roll a few? I haven’t been above doing that a time or two myself. My candy has finally hone the way of all candy. I have one 10 cent Butterfinger left that I intend on eating tonight. Do you suppose you can send anymore? Can you get any more film? I’d sure like to have both if you can manage. I could have bought a dang good camera in Rome but they only wanted a hundred bucks for it. At the time I was having trouble scraping up a hundred cents. Really had a time, but it was all clean — if you know what I mean. Most of the dough was spent for eating and they sure weren’t afraid to charge for it either. The Army finally established some G.I. restaurants and then we really had it made. It cost 10 lire (10 cents) and had regular Italian waiters. All you would have to do is go in and sit down and they brought on the chow. Of course, there were no choice of food, but whatever they fixed up tasted different than what we get even tho it was the same thing. We could get all the coffee we wanted and that’s something the Italian restaurants didn’t have. When I had those five days at the rest camp (and spent them in town). I didn’t have any coffee for three days. Now you know what that does to me, don’t you? The first sergeant, Douglass and I were nearly always together. We got along first rate. Doug and I had a room together and the first soldier had another. The only trouble we had was of a morning when he would come in and try to get us up. As a rule we just told him where he could go and let it go and then got up right away. We had a good time tho.

I still haven’t heard anything from Chick. I wrote him again the other day and told him to give me the low down on his wound. Have you heard anything more? Chick surely must be alright tho. I’m not worried on that score, just curious as to what the whole deal was about. Guess you are too. Erv has been writing me all along. I owe Mae a letter too. I managed to write Coe, and I wrote Jenny. I don’t really have much to write about and I now see that I’m going to have even less — the mail just came in and I didn’t get any letters but I did get two packages of funny books. Now I’ve got something to read tonight. I finally got the May and June issue of the Readers Digest too. Really haven’t had a whole lot of reading time.

I’m never going to try giving up seeing Erv. It would sure be the crowning moment. He told me if I ever did get there he had a private bar and a bunch of swell fellows and we’d really have a time, and I bet we would too. It’s been three years since I last saw him, hasn’t it? At least that long. I’d sure like to get a lot of thing straightened out with him. He’s in a fog about me and I’m in one about him. Maybe there will come a day.

Your letter didn’t get here for our anniversary. In fact, it’s two weeks yet. This should reach you about the time tho. I imagine some of the gang will take you out for some kind of a celebration won’t they? I hope you have a good time, kid, maybe we can spend the next one together. Yes, I think things are going to be different too. The war has done that much good anyway. I don’t think I abused you any tho before, did I? If I treated you like these dagos treat theirs — then you would have something to holler about. They just use them in place of buying horses.

Haven’t heard from Mildred for some time now. Should be due for one of her specials. Sis has been turning out some of the upper class ones, too. Now, don’t get mad, yours are in a class by themselves.

Well, it’s now chow time so I gotta go, see you later. Sure love you and miss you. Happy Anniversary.

So long.

Snook and Gee may not have spent their anniversaries during the war together, but they had many more to follow, including a huge celebration on their 50th wedding anniversary, pictured here.

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