Thursday, July 13, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your July 2 v-mail today. Hope things weren’t too bad over at Danville. Don’t blame you for not wanting to go. You’ll see one end of it, and I see the other.

So have you decided to give up the trip to Gatlinburg. It was swell of you to postpone it on our account. I want you to have a little pleasure but I don’t like to see you wandering around the country doing it. Do you understand what I mean?

Don’t have much to write about now. Last night’s typewritten jobby took all my strength.

Still get a kick out of the pipe you bought me. I generally smoke it of an evening. How I’ve managed to keep from breaking it, I don’t know. I really like it.

Your letter was the only one I got today. The mail has been slackening off again. I still haven’t heard from Chick. As long as I know you have heard from him, I know he’s all right.

I have a lot of picture postcards of different places but I can’t send them now. I’ll hang on to them awhile longer and maybe they will relent and let us send them. You should have those first pictures from the first roll I took by now. What did you think of them? Have you received the box yet? Guess that will have to do for your anniversary gift. Can’t think of anything more to write about so I’ll quit till tomorrow. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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