Saturday, July 15, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your July 3 letter and Mom’s July 4 letter yesterday. They were both nice long ones too. You sure sounded kinda down in the dumps. Cheer up, I’m banking on the Russians getting this war over this summer. Might have to last to this fall.

Can you get any more film? There are quite a few guys with 616 and 620 cameras that don’t seem to have any trouble having film sent to them. Is it just that particular size that’s hard to get?

It does sound like Jenny is doing too much running around. Her going to Peoria didn’t sound so good for a married woman. Don’t you take any of those streaks, or I’ll break your neck. That’s what is known as putting it brutally frank. Maybe they’d better let Joe come home and get in a little homework too. It sound like what she needs — but don’t we all?

Sunny Italy is getting a little too sunny. It’s hotterin’ blue blazes in the day time. Nice at night tho.

I can’t answer all your questions about the work we’re doing. You seem to do all right with your guessing anyway. How’s come you aren’t getting the Stars and Stripes? Do they hold it up on you? We still get them once in awhile and then a daily bulletin as to the war on the different fronts.

I got paid last night. Twenty-nine sixty. Paid a guy off twenty and then we had our P.X. rations right afterwards so I bought cigarettes and candy. We get nine bars of candy, that isn’t so bad. I think they must treat this candy in some way as it doesn’t taste like the kind you send.

Haven’t heard from Chick yet. We both probably figure alike — as long as we know each other is alright what’s the use in writing?

I wish you’d send me another one of those address books with all the dope you had in the other one. I feel lost without it.

I thought maybe I could get enough days off to go find Erv but I guess it all fell through. Seems like the two of us sure have a hell of a time trying to see each other. Will have to stop now. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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