Sunday, July 30, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received your July 19 air mail today with the color picture of you in it. It’s pretty good but the color kinda blurs the picture, don’t you think. If that coat is any more red that that is should stop traffic. That sure is some expensive films almost as bad as over here.

That sure was a blow about Mom and Dad’s pension being cut off. I don’t blame Claude for getting mad. It makes me mad too. Find out that guy’s address for me I’d like to tell him a few things. I went to find out about an allotment tonight but I’d run into the same kind of trouble. I know the folks want to be independent and I sure don’t blame them. Dad and Mom both looked forward to that pension for quite awhile. It gives them something to lean on anyway. If they all want to chip in and give them an allowance I’d be willing. You could take that much out of the second allotment and it wouldn’t hurt a hell of a lot. I hope Mildred doesn’t mention it to Mom about her working for Naomi. She doesn’t want her mother to work now and I don’t want mine. If you want to show this letter to Claude, I’ll write Erv and see what he says. Maybe the three of us could work out something. No need of asking the other member because I suppose they figure they are already doing more than their share. This letter writing crap, I can’t say what I want to say but you know how I feel. I was afraid of something like this happening. To me it’s just like getting stabbed in the back.

Well, enough of that for the present. But that’s not all of it by a damn sight.
I got a short letter from Chick last night. I didn’t get to write any letters last night as we had our P.X. rations again and it was too late by the time we got through the line. We were allowed four cans of beer apiece at five cents a can. It was a New York beer. Sure tasted good while it lasted but didn’t last long enough. I also bought nine candy bars (the limit) and a carton of cigarettes. Cigarettes are five cents a pack.

Must have been a pretty bad accident to kill all those people. That doesn’t interest me any more. Don’t even know yet whether I want to chase fire trucks any more.

I went to church services this morning. I thought it was about time. The chaplain gave a pretty nice talk.

I’m reading the mystery story Jack and Hilah gave me. It’s called the Murder in the Back Seat or something like that. I get to snatch a page now and then.

We have the radio set out in front of the Orderly room so we get in on all the latest war news. It sounded pretty good tonight. Lord, I wish this thing would hurry up and get over with.

I hope Mom’s arm is better. What are you doing about your back? Are you still taking treatments? I have some pictures of Rome, Naples, and Pompeii I’m sending tonight. I’ve seen nearly all of them. Wish you could have seen them with me. I’ll bet you’d be disappointed in Italy too. This is all, honey, sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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