Monday, July 31, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Kinda hit the jackpot again. Got two airmails from you of the 18th and 22nd, 1 from Mom and 1 from Dad, and a card and letter from Jack + Hilah. Sure enjoyed them all especially Dad’s as I hadn’t heard from him in some time. He says he’s been writing on the average of once a week but I’m not getting them. Since my letter from Mom her arm must be a lot better (unless she wrote left-handed and I don’t think she did).

I expect you and Es did have a good time. That Linda must be really something. The folks sure think the world and all of her. Did she really write that page to me? If she did it was really good. Would sure like to see her, all of you for that matter!

Glad you are getting my letters so quick. Makes the news seem younger, don’t it? So Francy the one-man street department again? He never gives up, does he? Has he got the manure spread on the yard yet? Expect it’s only in the talking stage right now.

I don’t remember of you telling me about your back hurting. I’m glad to hear it’s not so bad but you have it tended to just the same. Maybe the weather has something to do with it, you say it’s been hot then turns chilly all of a sudden.

That’s good about the two rolls of film. Yes, some of the fellows here have 620 cameras but you know how that is. Maybe I’d get the pictures maybe I wouldn’t. At any rate, I wouldn’t have their camera with me and that’s what I want. If you can’t get the film I might as well send it home. Save lugging it around.

I’m surprised at Jenny and yet I’m not either. From your talk I gathered what she must have been doing and since you were going around sometimes together it made me starting wondering. I’m happy to hear you are using good judgement. Whenever they start hanging around the drinking joints something is bound to happen sooner or later. Poor Joe I imagine will be the last to find out. She needs someone to put lumps on her head and wake her up. Such a mess she has herself into.

Hilah and Jack sent me a real nice card for our anniversary and enclosed a nice letter. Jack wrote the letter and Hilah put a footnote on. They complained that I never told them anything about myself. They should understand by now how that is. There are lots of things that happen that I would like to tell and make my letters lots longer but we can’t do that. Once in awhile they loosen up and then clamp down and so on, consequently one letter may tell more than another. Erv really must be in a tight outfit as has never so much as mentioned a word to me of his job.

I haven’t sent the pictures to you yet. I don’t know whether they will pass the finished pictures or not. They want the roll before it is developed. I’ll keep the negatives and send them the pictures. There are twenty pictures so see if you get them all or get any at all. I’ll have to explain them later if they need any explaining. Sure would like to do my explaining in person but guess that can’t be for awhile longer yet. Just remember I love you and always will. Sure miss you.

So long now.


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