Tuesday, August 29, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Have a few minutes to dash off another line. I’m still okay to date. Haven’t received any mail as yet but maybe there will come a day. The French people are treating us swell. Every time we liberate a town the whole population turns out and it’s like a parade. The wine flows free but one or two snorts of that is enough for me. Even our C ration biscuits go over big here. It got so the Italians wouldn’t accept them. This gratitude of the people sure helps. The French themselves have done a lot in helping us. You probably have read in the papers all that tho. I hope Chick is still all right. Haven’t heard anything about him. Sure am sweating out the end of this war now, aren’t you? It shouldn’t last too much longer. At least when the war is over we can relax until the time they send us home. I don’t expect to get home right away as it will take quite some time to get all those home first that deserve to. Hope Chick is one of the first. I miss you like the devil, honey. More every day. I sure love you. See you soon, I hope.

So long now.


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