Sunday, September 3, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Thought maybe you’d like to know I’m still among those present for duty. Have to write these things kinda on the run. I miss my stationary you bought me. I had to borrow this pencil. I believe in traveling light. We still haven’t received any mail yet although some of the fellows have. Got the first soldier on the ball checking up on it now. Really am anxious to get something even if it’s only a postcard. I can see already that our money isn’t going to go very far in France. We had a little time in one town so I went to get a much needed haircut. I needed a comb and some hair oil so I picked one up and the comb set me back two bucks and a half! The bottle of brilliantine cost a buck and a half! It’s nothing but a little pocket come with a little dog on it. Guess I had to buy the dogs license too. When I get my stuff I’ll send it to you or better yet bring it to you as I’m sure sweating out the end of this thing now, aren’t you? I hope they don’t keep us over here too long. Sure do miss you, kid. Are you still taking your vacation or are you back to work now? Wish I could take one. Boy, oh boy wait till I see you, I’m going to squeeze you to death. Sure love you. How is Chick making it? Okay, I hope.

So long now.


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