Sunday, September 10, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, they finally got us some mail yesterday and I got thirty eight letters, a swell box from Mom, and this v-mail from Mildred, and five packages of funny books and funnies from you. It was a grand day, believe me. The letters were from everyone. I got birthday cards from Coe and Carrie and Rudy. Carrie and Rudy had a buck in it for me. We can’t use good old American dough here but I can have it exchanged. The latest date on the letters were August 24th. I also got a swell birthday card from Mom. I got your letters with all the birthday and anniversary cards in. They are all nice, weren’t they? Thanks a lot for the picture folder. Those are sure good pictures of all of you. Never did have a good picture of Erv so was glad to get it. So they finally cut loose on write ups about the force. Your write up was swell except for the days. It was ninety nine instead of twenty nine. If you can write to the Montana Standard in Butte, Montana and get the Tuesday August 22 edition it has a long write up and a picture of Gen. Fredrick. Guess you can figure now why it was necessary for all the secrecy, hey? Tomorrow is supposed to be my big day since it’s my birthday, isn’t it? I’ll spend it thinking of you and loving you, and missing you — and probably sweating out a few shells. Hope Chick is okay. Got a letter of Aug. 8 from him. Glad you got the package okay. Sure love you.

So long.


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