Monday, September 11, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got four more letters last night. An air mail of the 25th from you and a v-mail of the 22nd. Also got a v-mail from Mom and a letter from Harry. I’m sorry I asked you for any money now, kid, as I couldn’t spend it yet tho. Things seem to be high priced as hell what little they have. So far I have a beret and two postcards I’ve picked up along the way. I want to send you the beret but I wore it myself for awhile and it kinda looks it. Kid, don’t worry about Christmas packages. There is nothing I need. No, I’ll take that back. I do need a wallet, mine is tuckered out. That’s all tho. Wish I could tell you of how things are and what we’re doing but you know well enough, that’s out. The British paper “The Maple Leaf” carried a nice story about our landing on Le Vant but I couldn’t get a copy of it. I’ll tell you all about it someday soon, I hope. The trouble is, it takes a newspaper to back you up or you wouldn’t believe me. I saw the 1st sergeant awhile ago, he gave me a cigar and wished me a happy birthday. Nice of him. I have a couple of those things Chick sent home. Hope I can get them there too. Sure love you and miss you. Be good. See you soon, I hope.

So long.


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