Wednesday, September 20, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Feel better now. Just received your Sept. 4 and Aug. 29 letters and Joannie’s swell card note and money order. Also got a nice long letter from Mom of Sept. 4. I want to write Joannie my thanks but don’t know whether I’ll have time or not tonight as it’s getting dark. It’s funny Mom mentioned getting a letter from me but you didn’t. I expect you have it by now tho. Sure is queer how the mail is delivered there.

Honey, that’s mighty sweet of you to want to have a mass said for me. Father Higgins and I see eye to eye when he said you were a good girl. I’ll certainly appreciate it. I didn’t know that was allowed. I’m like Chick in the prayers as I think that is all that has kept me going a lot of times.

Mom says they cut out some of my letter. What I said wasn’t that all fired important. I imagine the rest of them will sure be whittled up at that rate. The newspaper can print it but we can’t write it. Makes sense, don’t it?

You ask about Christmas presents. I can only think of two things I could use at present. My wallet is shot and a pair of those gloves like you got me before. Either those or mittens. The rest the Uncle takes care of. I haven’t room to pack anything anyway so save it all for the time we can all enjoy it together. I have my Christmas shopping done so the first package you get (if I ever get some place where I can send it) will probably be for all of you.

I took some pictures today. One fellow had two rolls of 127 film but no camera so I told him he could use my camera for one roll of the film. He agreed. I also got two rolls o film off of another fellow so the stock is jumping up. The guys say you can buy this size film here in some of the towns. I hope so. Still haven’t received the rolls you sent yet.

I’ll have to start back to v-mail again soon as I have only three stamps left. Never have got my writing stuff yet. Maybe I can buy some someway.

The war news keeps sounding better every day, I’m sure waiting for the day that peace is declared. I can hardly wait to see you again so I can pester you. I sure love you and miss you more than I can tell. It shouldn’t be too long now before I see you again. Be good and so long.


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