Saturday, September 23, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, the only mail I got yesterday was your cute birthday card. Seems as tho your mail is being delivered like mine is you you. Namely, everyone’s else gets here first. I’ve already got Es’s and Bernadine’s cards a few days back. I’ll be glad when I can tell you what I want to say instead of writing it.

I sent one roll of film to be developed. Hope it turns out good — and that I get it back!

Just finished off a batch of fried spuds. Ran out of grease so they were only about half done. Still, they were potatoes and not to be snubbed.

I’m wondering if you ever got your bracelet now. It sure has been traveling around if you haven’t. It was supposed to have gone air-mail too.

Scraped up five air mail envelopes so you’ll be getting them again. I wrote you a v-mail yesterday.

Haven’t heard from Mildred for a long time.

Doug payed me back today so the stock went up again. Soon as I finish paying up it will go down again. I have plenty tho, don’t worry. Money doesn’t mean much over here anyway. One can of C ration will go farther than a ten dollar bill.

Lord, honey, I’m getting more anxious to see you every day. Surely it can’t be much longer. Every day is getting like a week to me. Hope I can pick you up some nice souvenirs from here or have you got room for any more?

Hope I hear from you tonight. Sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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