Monday, September 25, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Sept. 7 v-mail yesterday. Also got one of the same date from Dad. Been sweating out the mail lately. It doesn’t seem to be coming in so good. I put in an order for a bucks worth of airmail envelopes so you should be getting airmails from now on, if I get the envelopes.

We had a church service yesterday. I got to go. Chaplain Liggett is our minister and he’s pretty good. I’ve been trying to go whenever I get a chance. Trouble is these Sundays slip by without me knowing it.

Well, honey, I got the pictures back I had developed and they sure are good. I can’t send them yet as they are too new but I’m sure anxious for you to see them. Two of them are of prisoners we took. One is of ships and the one of the black face sure turned out good. It wasn’t funny when the picture was taken as you will see by the looks on the faces but we get a laugh out of it now. We were sure tired and had a “live in place” to eat. The rest of the pictures are all scenes of different places. I have six pictures taken on another roll and will have those developed as soon as I finish them. Never have received the films you sent. Have you got your bracelet yet!! Hope I get to cash those money orders soon. They’ll be out of date if I wait much longer.

I’m still okay so far. Hope you are the same. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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