Tuesday, September 26, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, I finally got the films today. Sho thank you. Now I can take “boo coo” [beaucoup] pictures. Also got three packages of funny papers and two of funny books and I thank you for those too. The guys sure go for them in a big way. I sure get a kick out of the Dagwood and Blondie books. Would rather have those than any of them.

Can’t understand why we don’t get our mail better. I know you are all writing but it takes its old sweet time getting here.

Sent another roll of film to be developed. Hope they turn out as good as the first batch.

Douglass invited me down to his little C.P. this noon for dinner. He fed me French fries and canned roast beef, coffee, and bread and butter. He has his camera and we took some more pictures.

I have my Christmas shopping taken care of now. The next package you get will have them in it.

Did I ever tell you Douglass made corporal? He did, anyway.

Well, honey, it’s getting suppertime and my appetites won’t let me alone. I’ll be glad when you can start in feeding me again. Got to get my eight dollars out someway! Sure miss you lots. Love you like everything. Sure hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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