Saturday, September 30, 1944

Dearest Gee.

No mail yesterday but I’ll try to dash off a few lines anyway. Here it is the end of the month and no pay day. We had our partial pay a week or so ago so I don’t expect any pay for awhile yet. Did I tell you we got some P.X. rations too? I got 15 bars of candy, this tablet, some cheese tidbits and some gum. Then by the time they were gone along came your four swell packages. Bless your heart! They are all gone now except for a few peanuts. These guys sure like candy.

Had a close call yesterday. Was watching a shell burst from what I thought was a safe distance away. Just happened to see this piece of shrapnel coming end over end towards me in time to duck. It hit a wall and then hit another guy in the wrist but the power was all out of it so it didn’t hurt him any. Guess it just doesn’t pay to watch shell bursts from any distance.

Just had breakfast. Coffee, toast, butter, and jam. We can make some mighty fine toast over an open fire. Tastes like the real McCoy.

Really should dash off a letter to Chick and Erv sometime today. Haven’t heard from either one for quite some time.

Haven’t got back my second set of pictures yet. The film cost forty francs here. That’s eighty cents a roll. Don’t know what the developing cost is.

According to the papers it looks like we’ll fight the Japs as soon as Germany is through. I was in hopes otherwise but you know how it is. Sure do miss you, honey. Wish I could see you. I love you.

So long now.


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