Wednesday, October 4, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got eleven letters yesterday and one from you the day before so I feel right good. Yours were four air jobbies and a v-mail of the 4, 6, 7, 11th and 12. Got a nice card from Jenny and one from Claude and Mildred. Got v-mails from Mom, Sis, and Mae. Two letters from Mom had the hankys in that I asked for. I was down to two but have enough now. I believe in traveling light.

Far be it from me to pick your friends, kid, but when it goes to interfering with us I think it time to call a halt. What Jenny does is her business but I don’t like to see you get mixed up in it. Not that I think you’d do anything wrong, because I trust you and always will but circumstances can happen that you might not be able to control. The more you run with her the more apt they are to happen. We discussed all that before I left so enough talk on that stuff.

The picture of Linda isn’t so good as the other one I have. She’s still cute tho anyway you put it.

I got my ballot yesterday too but haven’t filled it out yet. There isn’t very many on there I recognize.

So Bernard has a Buick now. He is kinda getting up in the world, isn’t he? More power to him. Maybe we’ll be able to buy a brand new Model T Ford, suppose? Hope our old hack still runs for awhile after this struggle. What a relief it would be to ride for a change.

I’d sure like to know where your bracelet is. There isn’t much chance of tracing it and no insurance on this side anyway. Maybe you’ll get it yet. I hope so.

I think I already told you about watching them shave gals hair off. Some guys didn’t approve of it, but we figured it was the French’s business, they were handling it.

I’m sure glad you sent the folks the money. Let me know the outcome. Have they been doing okay?

Guess I’ll have to start calling you “Eagle Eye” since you keep finding those articles in the dangdest places. Yes, that guy gave us a speech but if I remember right I think we nearly all slept through it. Fine thing, huh?

Honey, do you suppose you could pick me up some lighter flints someplace? I’m fresh out. Just slip one package in an envelope sometime. If you send too many they just get lost.

For my part don’t let these birthday and occasions worry you as far as presents go. A card does just as well. If I need things I’ll let you know. We’ll make it up later.

I hope after this struggle is over we get a chance to see each other for a little while anyway but we can’t bank on anything. I’ll love you even if you are gray-headed the next time I see you. I hope that goes double as I have a plenty now.

Well, honey, guess I’d better stop now. Hope that dentist didn’t hurt you too much. Sure do love you and miss you like hell.

So long now.


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