Saturday, October 7, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Sept. 10 air mail and your Sept 23 v-mail last night. Also got a v-mail from Coe dated Sept 20th. Your air mail was a nice long one that I sure enjoyed.

Hope they have hooked that maniac running around Mattoon by now. He might take a notion to go visiting Champaign. That’s a hell of a note. He’s fighting the wrong people.

Haven’t they ever settled that deal with Mom and Dad yet? I’m going to send them my back pay we’re to get for the combat badge. I haven’t got it yet myself. It should be somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks. That should tide them over for awhile. It can be a Christmas present or whatever they want to call it. Hope you won’t be mad at me because I don’t send it to you. Will you? I already wrote to Erv and told him everything was alright again because I thought it was. Aren’t they going to do anything about it?

Chick’s story about the French people is about the same as we all have experienced. Except the kissing part. Gotta draw the line somewhere, huh. The wine is pretty good when you can get it, but it’s costly now and scarce as hen’s teeth. I’ve lost all interest in souvenirs. I’m concentrating on getting myself home in one piece. I’ve taken three more rolls of film but it’s mostly scenery. They have “boo coos” [beaucoup] of scenery in France. That, at least, is free. I’m afraid I’ll turn out to be a miser but I sure hate to spend money for something and get stung. That’s about all it amounts to. The good stuff is long gone. I haven’t heard how the perfume is yet. Maybe I can pick you up some of that later on.

All the G.I.’s can talk about now is their chances in the demobilization. Quite a lively discussion goes on sometimes. I could settle it in a short time. Just send us all home. But that is out of the question. At least when this war is over a guy can quit sweating out shells for awhile and that will be a big enough relief to tide me over for a few months until they do decide what to do.

I sure am anxious to see you. Keep thinking about you all the time. How did you and Jack make out. No fuss? Guess I’ll have to stop now, honey. I sure love you. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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