Sunday, October 8, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Didn’t get any letters last night so this won’t be much of a letter. Just don’t have anything I can write about.

I think you had the right name for those islands. That was the name of the whole group but I’ve already told you the names of the two islands. Wish I could send you these pictures, but not yet. The roll I sent in to have developed hasn’t come back yet but I haven’t seen the guy I sent it in with for quite awhile. He may have them and is looking for me.

I’m sorry I couldn’t write for such long spells but honey it just couldn’t be helped. By now you should be getting them fairly regular.

Feeling kinda low now. Lost some of my buddies and don’t quite know what to make of it yet. It’s a terrible feeling.

Why do you still run around with Jenny if she does you the way you say? Joe ought to kick her back and forth a few times when he sees her. She told me on her card that Bud was in France. What is he supposed to be, I forgot. More than likely, P.B.S. Guess Joe must really have it made if he’s still in England.

I should write Erv a letter now. I owe him one. Lord, I wish this would end so we can cut out this letter writing and get down to some talking for a change. One day the paper says they will discharge a hell of a lot and the next day they say won’t. Ain’t it awful?

Guess I’ll bring this to a close now. I sure love you and miss you kid. Be good.

So long now.


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