Tuesday, October 10, 1944

Dearest Gee.

No mail yet. I’m sweating out some of those batches of cookies you say are on the way. Hope my mail is getting through to you a little better by this time. I’ve been trying to write almost every day but of course sometimes I just can’t.

I got out of my helmet and took a spit bath this morning. Twas a little rugged but I kinda needed one. Undy arm odor no end! Even washed my hair. In case you didn’t know, it’s long enough to part again, thank the Lord. My dollar and a half bottle of hair oil is about gone tho so I’ll start looking like one of those Kreml ads. I’d sure like to be able to let you have a crack at it even tho you do push your fingers through the scalp.

I haven’t heard any more from Chick and I’ve kinda lost track of him too. I hope they are resting. I’d like for at least one of us to be. It doesn’t look now as tho this is going to be over as soon as we all thought, does it? Maybe he’ll fold up anytime tho.

Washed a shirt out this morning too. Think I’ll turn the rest over to the French to wash. I haven’t sampled any of their wash jobs yet but if they are anything like the dagoes, the clothes won’t last long.

Had a few samples of some very good Vermouth the other day. Would like to have a bottle but I think it costs about ten bucks. That’s too much for me.
Took a few more pictures the other day. Gonna take a few more today, if I can. Hard telling when they will get home to you. Honey, I sure love you and miss you something awful. Be good.

So long.


1942 Kreml advertisement.

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