Thursday, October 12, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got four wonderful letters from you today. Your Sept. 12, 14, 15, and 17 air-mails. Also got a letter from Mom and Mildred C, and a v-mail from Florence so I really had a field day.

If that’s the way the Ouija board feels about things, you’d better throw it away. I sure don’t want to stay over here no seven months after the war.The only nice thing it said was that we weren’t going to be hurt and Chick already made a lie out of that. To a certain extent anyway.

So now Drew Pearson comes out with articles. And what an article! I wouldn’t worry about it. Let me do that. I’m pretty good at that by now. Is he the only one that came out with the piece? I can’t tell you about it for obvious reasons. Wish I could and someday I will.

Really, kid, I’m not drunk. I’ve got this writing pad on my knee and it’s tough writing.

I also got four batches of funny papers and books you sent. Had quite a reading spree. If you can get anymore Dagwoods I like them best. Any of them are okay tho. Haven’t got your four rolls of film you sent. I expect by the time I get those I’ll really need them. I still have five rolls left. Have been taking a lot of Drew Pearson scenery. Peace it’s wonderful! But I can’t enjoy it.

I’m going to try and send your Christmas present tomorrow. One for you, one for Mom and Dad, one for Sis and Eli, Claude and Mildred, Erv and Mae. The gifts look like they ain’t gonna be this year. The price of things in France won’t allow it. This will have to be my contribution. Wish I had something for Es and Harry and Bernard. Oh yes, one gift for Joannie and Francy. Have you guessed what it is now? I sure love and miss you.

So long now.


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