Saturday, October 14, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Sept. 15 air mail yesterday. Also got a dehydrated one from Harry. I get a kick out of his letters. He was telling me his troubles about his going to law school.

Well, honey, I’m sure glad you finally got your bracelet. Thought for awhile someone else might have wanted it worse than you did. If you like it, I’m satisfied but it looked awfully clanky to me. It was a good example of what you could expect from Italian jewelry.

I have visited Nice and it is quite a place. The street cars are running and you’d never know from the looks of things that a war is going on. The only drawback to the place is the price of things. A guy has to be a millionaire in order to get anything. Almost all their drinks are a buck a throw with the exception of beer. The beer is fairly good but it is of the near variety. The buildings are all modern and “pikeresk” [picaresque]. I guess the people can’t understand why the G.I.’s don’t buy everything as they all have the idea that everyone from the States has plenty of dough. I did buy some photo books for the scrapbook. It wasn’t a very good time to go as far as the weather was concerned. That limited me to no end. I guess you could say that the town was everything they say it is. I even had a hotel room and slept under a down comforter. Wow! Wish I could have had you with me, honey, we’d done the town up right. I wanted to buy you something but couldn’t find any stores that were open. I hate to send home junk and yet what I’d like to get always costs a fortune. Ain’t it awful?

I’m worried about your hip, honey. Do you think the osteopath does you any good? Please take care of yourself, I want you in A-1 shape. Glad you got the dental end taken care of. Guess I have one that should be filled but I’m in no rush about it.

Nice also has some bars that sell American whisky. They have Vat 69 and Black and White Scotch. That’s two buck a crack so I didn’t take any. Had Vermouth and gin and the guy I was with was flush so we had Champagne. Good too.

Well, honey, guess I’ll have to stop and fix me something to eat. I sure miss you more and more if that’s possible. I love you. Be good.

So long.


Soldiers in Nice, c. 1944-45. Source:

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