Sunday, October 15, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, kid, I got your Sept. 18 air mail and your 20th v-mail and air mail letters today. That’s about all I have to look forward to anymore is letter.
The picture I sent Erv is of the first batch of them I had made in Rome. The other bunch was a larger picture and the facial adornment was cut off.

Well, it looks like I lost my vote. In the fuss and rush I’ve lost the dang thing somewhere. Don’t imagine that one vote will be the difference of whether the world goes on or not, do you?

Kid, I liked the joke and so did the others but how did you remember all that? You’re getting good, huh!

Who’s camera do you have anyway? Has Sis got another 127? It looks like I can get plenty of film for the time being any way. I’ll try to stock up. The one roll I had developed I found out that the guy had sent it to another fellow by mistake. I’ll get them when I get a chance.

Yes, I wrote Erv a piece of my mind. He doesn’t know how well off he really is. I’m glad for him tho. I write him whenever I get a chance. Chick owes me a letter too but we understand one another on that score.

Outside of several Purple Hearts the gang you know is pretty much the same. I don’t get to pal around with them very much. Not like the old days in the States.

Well, honey, guess I’ll have to stop now. Watch that bad old Jenny! Be good. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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