Wednesday, October 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your two morale builders today, although I think one was a morale “breaker downer.” The one with all the legs showing. What was you trying to do, kid? Whatever it was, you succeeded. The pictures were all good tho but I’m sweating out some 4F, or maybe a regular United States soldier, grabbing you. Any danger? Your “Lonesome” card was real cute but kid, I’m sure more lonesome for you I believe. Got a three-pager from Erv today and he is really on the downgrade too in that respect. Can’t get to thinking too much on that score or a guy is liable to go stir crazy.

I didn’t get to read the article in the Time magazine but the fellows were telling me about it so I thought if you could get the article it would be one more for the scrapbook. We get (once in awhile) the dehydrated variety of the Times but I’m glad you are saving the regular issue. Do you still get your copies of the Stars and Stripes?

Got another nice v-mail from Coe today too. I wrote her a letter the other day. It sure is nice of them to be getting film for me. I should have quite a bit pretty soon. I have three rolls being developed but Lord knows when you’ll get them.

So far (knock, knock) the gang you know is slightly battered but whole at the moment. I thank the Lord for that. Don’t worry so much and take care of yourself. I’m glad you are going to the doctor but can he fix your trouble for good? I wish I understood more about that. Just what is causing it?

Say, I was wondering when the word was going to get around about the package. I’m glad you are sending me one. Every little bit helps. Joannie doesn’t need to worry about Chick on that score. This life might bring a little of that on but it’s not that serious. I should be getting a letter from Corporal Bruns, the hound owes me one.

By the way, how’s come you enclosed an airmail envelope with the pictures? Do you want them back? You didn’t say anything about it.

Do you mind if I send my pay to Mom and Dad? If I do, it will knock out getting anything for Christmas for you (even if there was anything to buy). They need it tho. I know they do, even tho they wouldn’t tell me for the world. The Christmas presents for you and the gang are on their way. It’s not very dang much but I hope it satisfies.

So Bernie is having trouble with her boyfriend. That’s tough. Does she take it to heart? I’m glad she likes me and have never forgotten those juicy kisses she gave me so liberally. Do I rate one when I get home or are they just going to say “Well, the old boy’s back.” I’ll expect more than that from you. Those lovely Washington people certainly have a time trying to figure out who to send home, don’t they? Guess some are afraid we aren’t civilized enough now to get home. Oh well, maybe we’ll make it yet. Keep up the prayers, honey. They must be doing some good.

I wish you could have seen Nice with me. We would have had a time. As it was I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy it very much. Well, honey, guess I’ll have to stop for now. I sure do love you and miss you. Be good for me.

So long.


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