Monday, December 4, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I haven’t received a letter from you in so long that I’m beginning to think that you’re forgetting me. Maybe I’ll get some tomorrow but so far it’s been three or four days. I seem to get letters from everyone else tho. Don’t know how far I can stretch this letter out seeing as how there isn’t much to write about.

Douglass got his Purple Heart medal today. They had a little ceremony for them. They are sure nice looking but I still don’t want any. Doug and Kelly and I got a chance to go to town last night and we really pitched a lulu. One of the old fashioned kind. It was the first time we’ve had a chance to get together so we had to celebrate it. We drank vermouth and it hit us like a ton of bricks for some reason or other. I had to give up and head for the bed around nine-thirty. We talked and drank and I think we must have been so interested in the talking that we didn’t realize how much we were drinking. I sho feel it today and here I am on guard again tonight.

I went to see the Captain about that power of attorney business and he has regular forms made up of that. He had me make out two of them. They are a young f volume and take in everything from soup to nuts. Man with that you can sell the fillings out of my teeth. I’ll send it to you the first chance I have.

I see in Mom’s letter where she says that Mrs. Ack fell down again and broke her hip. I suppose that will about finish her off. She was awfully good to me and I was sorry to hear it. Mom sent the air mail to Erv by mistake so he wrote and told me all that was in it. Erv sure is all for taking a big trip after this is all over and he sho wants us to go along. Reckon we can all pile in that buggy without it falling apart? I hope it’s got one more trip in it because I’d kinda like to make one of those trips too.

Golly, I should write Mom and Sis a letter and Erv too. I even owe Mae one. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not getting any letters, suppose?

I’m still eating candy bars and cookies. Night before last we all had a cheese lunch affair. Had coffee too. The only trouble with that is the guys can smell it for miles around and all come dragging in for a hand out. It’s tough on the rations. Those funny books didn’t help matters any either. Those books have passed through about a thousand guys almost. Most of them don’t have the covers on by now but that doesn’t seem to bother them. They guys call them section eight books. When a GI is screwy they try him on a section eight so that’s where the name comes in.

The news still sounds good but I sure feel for them. They must really be having a tough go of it. I sure hope this damn thing gets over with soon. I sure am lonesome for you. Seems like I haven’t seen you in years. Hope you are keeping up the treatments and are getting along okay.

Suppose you are getting the Christmas fever now. Don’t imagine anyone’s worrying any too much about it except the kids. They got to have their good time and should.

Well, honey I just can’t think of another thing to write about. Hope I get a letter from you tomorrow or I’m gonna start worrying. You wouldn’t want me to do that, would you? Sure love you and miss you honey.

Be good, and slong now,


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