Friday, December 15, 1944

Dearest Gee.

My mail really seems to be piling in now. I hope it keeps up the good work. Yesterday I got several more letters. Your very sweet letters of Nov. 17, 20th, and the lonesome card and letter of Nov. 21. I got a three pager from Dad that really surprised me, one from Jack and Hilah, one from Coe, and a card from Mrs. Nelson. Today I got a package from Es and Harry that was another doozy. Kid, I’m really about ready to start a store and I guess you know what kind. Don’t let me kid you that way. You know how long that will last. The package had X Dillons name on the cover and an address in Chicago so it must be from them, don’t you suppose? I don’t want to go thanking the wrong people. Douglass has a birthday the 17th so we will celebrate the occasion then. I wish we could all celebrate together but that will have to wait awhile yet.

So you didn’t get to go to the football game after all. That is too bad. I don’t like the way you said “of course” Champaign beat [Urbana]. Where do you get that stuff? They just don’t have any good rooters left.

Yes, when we were in Kiska General Corlett was in charge of the forces involved. I never saw him and don’t have the faintest idea what he looks like. So you really scrape bottom on that album, don’t you kid?

Speaking of seeing movies, and thanks for the compliment, I went to see one last night. Saw Judy Canova in Louisiana Hayride. I didn’t care a whole lot about it but then it’s a show.

I just gave you the devil yesterday about not telling me anything on how you were getting on with your treatments. In your todays letters you told me all about it, so I take it all back. Sure glad you’re taking care of yourself, and see that you do. Don’t worry about using that money. That doc isn’t the only one that thinks you’re brave, I think you’re one in a million. Don’t let me down now. I haven’t seen anything of that fellow yet, but maybe I’ll run across him one of these days. Why didn’t you go into Robeson’s and ask them where they got the patch? I’ve seen some of those Maple Leaf articles on the Force but I don’t think I’ve seen the ones you mention. We son’t get ahold of those papers very often and I suppose I missed them. Honey, don’t pay any attention to who censors the mail. It’s liable to be anyone.

I’m glad Wally’s sister sent you those pictures as I was afraid you had given them all away and we wouldn’t have any. I sure remember the day we went on that horseback ride. Did I look like I was half crocked? Think I was. I never have heard anything from her. I’m glad they received his personal things. Sometimes they don’t, but that’s no fault of anyone in particular.

Yes, Hoffman is okay, still as talkative as ever. He wasn’t hurt bad and neither was Douglass, thank the Lord. They are going to have to put out some new kind of medal to the ones who don’t get hit if they keep on. There is nothing pretty about war, that’s for sure. It’s a horrible, and gruesome affair. Sometimes I don’t see how a guy keeps on going, but then sometimes it pays to keep going. It’s bad enough in good weather and don’t know how they expect so much in winter weather. Only the thought that the war may soon be over if they keep on keeps them going I guess.

Am I to understand that Jenny went down there to work? I thought it was to be a vacation. They must be living in a penthouse to be paying 140 dollars a month for rent. I won’t say anything but I can sure do a lot of thinking, can’t I? I think I know what must have happened the reason she likes him so well.
I’m still sweating out that package from Gwendolyn, kid. Where do you suppose it could be. I hope not. Those kind of packages really go over big. I find I have more friends than I ever knew I had before.

Well, honey, I got a lot more letters to write tonight. I’m on C.Q. so have plenty of time. I sure do love you, kid, and miss you so darn much. Sure do wish we could see each other again soon. Hope you still have that Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

So long now,


Louisiana Hayride, the movie Snook mentions seeing.

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