Monday, December 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Honey, I didn’t get any letter from you today or yesterday, but I sure got a nice package from Joannie and Francy. It was a big one too, it had a can of cookies and a lot of candy bars in it. I sure would like to know where your package went to. I got a letter from Sis today with an article in it, but it wasn’t us they were talking about. Also got a card from Mae and a card from the Bruns on Fair St. Kid, I never did thank you for the little Christmas tree you sent. It decorates our little domicile. Have you got your Christmas tree yet? Wouldn’t be Christmas without one, would it?

Douglass and I celebrated his birthday as I told you we would. Shore was powerful stuff. We got the job done tho and I hope no one else has a birthday for awhile. All they have to drink is cognac and wine and that cognac is too rough for me. It’s just one step up from the dago variety.

I’m getting way behind on my writing again. I’ve had two letters from Coe and still haven’t written. Be sure and thank Mrs. Nelson for her card, will you? I don’t have much I can write about anymore. I’m sure getting hungry to see you again. Always before I got to see you at least once in six months but it’s sure been longer than that now. It’s going to be a rough old winter, I’m afraid.

Went to church yesterday morning. I would go more often but generally when I find out what day it is, it’s generally Monday. Days don’t mean a thing anymore. Every time I ask someone what day or date it is, it starts an argument.

Washed my jacket this morning but by the looks of things it isn’t going to try before next week. Should have sent it home for your to do, huh?

Well, honey, sure don’t have anything to talk about but maybe I’ll get a letter from you tomorrow and then I will. Sure do love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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