Thursday, January 4, 1945

Somewhere in northern France

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, after I had written your letter yesterday we had our first mail call and I collected four, one of them being your Dec. 19th jobby. Sho was glad to get it too. Also got a letter from Mildred C, and one from Coe, and a card from Aunt Lillian.

In Mildred’s letter she mentioned the perfume I sent you so evidently you have the box now. Must have made pretty good time and I’m glad you got it for Christmas even tho it was so very little.

I keep forgetting how many pictures I put in those letters so if you don’t get them all let me know. I always write in the letter how many I’m sending.
I think Chick is okay, kid, he just doesn’t have the time to write as often as you’d like. I got a letter from him dated Dec. 15th and he was okay then.
I know you and Joannie worry about him but as I’ve told you before, if anything happens you’ll hear about it via one of those lovely telegrams. They are sent as soon as possible so you’d hear plenty soon enough.

I know about the fellow who gave the speech over the radio. His name was Zimmerman. Some of the other fellows got letters telling about it too. Would liked to have heard his speech and it was too bad you missed out on it.

Guess I’ll have to make this letter a short one as I want to dash ofd one to Erv and Chick giving them the new address.

Yes, Kelly had a mustache but he shaved it off. We called him — and still do — the “Falcon” or “Birdie”. Isn’t that a nice name to hang on a guy?
Well, honey, I sure love you and miss you. Hope we get together soon.

So long now.


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