Saturday, January 6, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Honey, I got your Dec 10th letter yesterday. The mail seems to be running backwards as I’ve already got your Dec. 19th one. Just as long as I get them tho that is the main thing. If I don’t get some air-mail envelopes tomorrow these letters will have to have a free on them. I ordered a hundred franc worth yesterday but I guess they are having a little trouble getting them.

I had a nice trip from Nice. Saw a lot of interesting things and took a couple rolls of pictures. I was in the Paris area but didn’t get to see very much of it as it was pretty dark. I got a firsthand view of the job our air corp did on Jerries’ trains and the bridges when they held France. They had knocked out one train that had a bunch of railroad guns on it. Boy, they really fixed it. Every bridge had its quota of old bomb craters around it. Holes big enough to stick a house in. Several towns were leveled flat and I have a few pictures of that. It must be tough on the people who live in those towns, but they never seem to complain. I think they are at least getting enough to eat and that’s more than what Jerry did for them. (Had to stop and fill this damn pen, it won’t hold ink five minutes.)

I was sure sorry to hear the news about Leann’s husband. Maybe he will turn up okay. His job he had is just what the name says. To carry messages and look guys up in the various companies. No, he wouldn’t necessarily have been alone. As a rule that would be a pretty safe job compared to some others. But as you can seat doesn’t matter much what kind of job a guy has.

Honey, you cut out that worrying and laying awake nights. That won’t do either one or any of us any good. Wait till something happens before you start that.

Hope I get some mail today now. I should have boo coos [beaucoup] some place. Never have got your packages yet either.

Hope you are okay now and have yourself straightened out. Gotta stop for now. Sure do love you and miss you, honey. Be good.

So long now.


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