Sunday, January 7, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your Dec. 20 v-mail letter today, kid. Sure was glad to get it too. The nice long letter you mentioned as having written that morning hasn’t shown its face yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I’m enclosing some more pictures of the various sections. The one with Captain Heck on the right side of the picture is some of the parachute riggers. Sgt. Masmar, the fellow on the right end in the first row, cooked at Chanute Field at one time.Sgt. Sellers the fourth one to the left of Masmar was also there. He has his head turned in the picture. I have their names on the back of the picture. The picture with the dog is the mess section. That means cooks to you. Sometime what they hatch up is a mess tho. Kelly is in the Ryes section. I have his name on the back of the picture as to the row. The other picture is Sgt. Ferguson’s section. There is no one in it you know. I think I have the best section and not bragging either.

Hope Mom liked her Christmas present. I’m sure she should.

Why are you giving me the snow job on those pictures, kid? I can’t do you any good from here. Lord, I hope you survive those first few days when we get together. It’s gonna be rough! Can’t write much if I’m sending these pictures. Tuck them away in that old scrapbook, kid. Sure do love you and miss you like the devil honey. Be good. Hope I see you soon.

So long.


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