Tuesday, January 9, 1945

Dearest Gee.

This is a fine time to be writing letters — it being two-thirty in the morning, but I have a few more hours to sweat out so can’t think of a better way to put them in than writing my honey. Haven’t heard from anyone now for the past three days, or since I got your v-mail of Dec. 20th, but I answered that one. Doesn’t seem so long ago that I was the guy that couldn’t even talk before breakfast let alone write, does it? How times do change. Betcha I’d talk to you now if I had you where I could.

Douglass and I went to our movie last night. They had on “Four Jills and a Jeep.” It was pretty good. I believe you told me you saw it. We are having a movie three times a week now. It’s the only thing in the line of entertainment around here.

I’m enclosing a picture I picked up on the Isle of Le Vaunt. It’s a Jerry picture and shows one of them driving the team of horses we later captured. The G.I.’s were riding them western style. Got a couple good saddles in the deal too. I never did get around to sending the rest of my negatives. I must do that as I sure don’t want to be carrying them around.

This is about all the news I have at present. Hope you haven’t had any more accidents and are okay. Gonna write Mae a letter now. Sure do love you, honey, and miss you awful much. Be good, and hope I see you soon.

So long,


Poster for “Four Jills in a Jeep.”

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