Friday, January 12, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got two very fine letters from you yesterday dated Dec. 17 and 25th. Also got one from Erv. You sure did get a lot of nice things for Christmas, didn’t you, honey? I’m glad for you. The two jokes you sent were both good and I read them to the fellows. They got quite a bang out of the both.

Before I go any farther I’ll give you the new address — or should I say, newest.

T/4 Frank M. Barber 36737459
Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
474 Inf. Regt. (Sep)
APO# 4994 c/o PM NYC, NY

Now I have to rewrite everyone so if you get your letter before anyone else be sure and tell them. I’ll not have time to write as many letters as before. Of course, I’ll dash you off the usual quota.

It sounds like everyone was giving quite expensive presents this year. At that rate, I’ll really hate to see Christmas come around. You know me, anything over a dollar is a lot of money. That goes double in the army.

You really did get your package in good time. And you liked the perfume. Was afraid maybe you wouldn’t. I’m no judge when it comes to that kind of stuff and I’m getting so used to getting rooked by the peddlers that I don’t think anything is worth the money anymore. Sound like an old crank, don’t I? If it was worth thirty five bucks I guess I didn’t get cheated any.

Mildred wrote and told me about the picture. It must really be something. I’d like to see it. It will doll up the front room we’re going to have, won’t it?
Hope you didn’t get too stiff for New Years. We both will for next New Years kid.

Never have received those packages yet with the gloves or that other stuff. Where do you suppose it is? Just so I get letters that is the main thing right now.

I hope you are all okay now. You haven’t mentioned it for awhile. Is that doc young and good looking?? Honey, maybe you should have married your old boy friend — you’d at least have a husband now.

Honey, I sure love you and miss you like the dickens. Be good and hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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