Saturday, January 13, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Received your swell Dec. 22nd letter today and also one from Bernie. Can’t understand why my letters aren’t getting to you better. Of course, I can’t write every day but you should be getting more than you are. Right now I’m trying to get off the letters to people who don’t have the new address. Last night I managed one to Mom and Erv. Tonight I’d like to get one off to Chick and Mae. Also have to answer Bernie’s letter too. Hers was dated the 29th but she didn’t say a thing about getting any presents for Christmas. What’s the matter, wasn’t Santy good to her?

I’m pulling some ore Sgt. of the Guard tonight. It isn’t so bad tho. Just one of those things you gotta do.

Got a letter from Erv the other day. Three pages too! Lord, I can hardly fill this one.

I got my P.X. rations today. Five packs of cigarettes, 4 Hershey’s, two packs of gum, and a bar of soap. The cigs are supposed to last me a week. How are you making out, kid, any better? I got out the Old Briar you sent me but can’t always get tobacco for it. If you get hold of a couple packs of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe tobacco it would be appreciated. No packages have come yet for me. Wonder where they are?

So Jenny spent five hundred bricks on her little excursion. It’s liable to cost her more than that in the long run. I don’t suppose she slacked up on anything. I’m kinda wondering how that will all turn out. I’m glad I don’t have that worry at any rate. If our marriage holds out through this, there isn’t anything that can stop us. No reason why it shouldn’t although there will be plenty of them go broke. Guess a lot are already. It’s a shame but if they can’t get along I guess that’s best. Everybody keeps telling me what a great little wife I have — as though that was necessary. Even Erv told me. Sure would like to get back and get some first hand information on it for awhile. Gotta go now. I sure love you, honey, and miss you like everything.

So long now.


WWII era pipe tobaccos, including the Sir Walter Raleigh Snook requested.

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