Monday, January 15 & Tuesday, January 16, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I haven’t heard from you for a couple of days now, no letters from anyone today. Maybe tomorrow, huh! I’ve been dashing off letters like mad lately trying to get this new address to them. Haven’t written Coe or Claude + Mildred yet but figured they would find out right away anyhow. Last night I wrote Jack + Hilah and answered Bernie’s letter. The night before I got off letters to Mae, Erv, Chick, and Mom. Most of them have just been one page jobs. I still don’t have much to say. I suppose you think I have it made now being in a headquarters company — I hope Mom + Dad think the same thing. As far as I’m concerned I don’t know, all that will have to wait till the time comes.

Tonight is show night but I don’t feel in the mood for a show. Kinda tired. Been hitting the old sack about eight-thirty every night. Get up at six-thirty and wait for a couple hours till it gets light enough to see. One nice thing we are really getting good chow. Guess it isn’t the chow so much as how it’s prepared. We had sweet rolls for chow tonight that just melted in your mouth. I went back for seconds on those.

By the way, are candles on the ration list at home? If they aren’t I’d sure like to have some. They always come in handy.

Hope you haven’t got all the smell smelled out of that perfume. Save a little for our first night, will you? I’d like to swoon a little.

Got a nice card and letter from Paul and Loreen too. I answered their letter last night too, forgot that. Honey, everybody brags on you. It’s going to take me years to get you back to your normal self. Oh, what a dirty crack, huh. You know I don’t really mean it.

Jan. 16

Didn’t get to finish this last night as I had visitors. Douglass and Close came to see me. We had a nice talk but the candle gave out.

Didn’t hear from you again today but got a Christmas card from Sayde that was sent Dec. 8th. The latest letter I’ve had from you was your Christmas letter. Be sure and thank Sayde for me, will you? No one is receiving any packages that I’ve heard tell of, so I guess none has come in as yet.

Signed the payroll tonight and I noticed they are still carrying the combat pay on the books. Maybe we’ll get it yet. It should be a nice wad if we get it all. I’ve been going around with ten francs for so long that the gals picture on it is beginning to yell for liberty.

I noticed on Sayde’s envelope she had my APO number as 11994, maybe that’s why it took so long to get to me.

Sure am lonesome for you, honey. Did you go to Chicago for New Years? I sure thought about you. I do that all the time anyway tho. Guess I’ll have to stop for now. I sure do love you, honey, and miss you like everything.

So long now.


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