Thursday, January 18, 1945

Somewhere in northern France.

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I didn’t get any letters today but I got a mighty fine package from you. It had mustard, two cans of chicken noodle soup, cookies, and candy in it. Thanks a lot kid. I’ve sure been hungry for something to piece on so now I’ve got it. The mustard came just one day late, kid, we had weinies yesterday. I’m saving the noodle soup for some night when the chow don’t suit me. That happens once in awhile too. I sure wish I could hear from you tho. Maybe tomorrow. My mail should get to you faster than your mail gets here tho as I think the shipping space is what regulates things. Lord knows they should be empty going back.

I wish you would send me a writing tablet or two. I have a few sheets of this left and then I’ll have to borrow or write v-mails. I don’t like them any better than you do.

I think that Don Darling (whata name) must be nuts. He sure shot a line of malarkey. You just said he was with the 1st Division, was it Armored or Infantry? It would have been armored or I’d know he was nuts.

Is Leanne the woman who lost her husband when I was home? Is this her son that’s missing now? Sure is too bad. I was thinking she was the gal that married the one armed fellow. Met them over at Ed’s when they lived on University.

I thought you told me Chick gave you a subscription to the Stars + Stripes? If I’d known you didn’t get those issues I’d saved the clippings. Won’t Mom give you hers?

I haven’t even taken any pictures since I’ve been here. We have a little town we can go to but I’ve never even been there. Don’t get around much anymore. I’ve been back to my trade a little but don’t know how long that will last. Filed a saw and whadyaknow, the dang thing cut better. Sure would like to be at the old trade back home now. The ways things look it hadn’t ought to be too long but that’s what we said last summer too. The Russians sure seem to be going strong. Hope they keep on going too.

Hows your back and legs doing, kid? Are you still taking those treatments. Gosh, I hope you eventually get straightened out all right. Bet if I was there you’d get straightened out. That’s for sure.

Haven’t heard from Claude and Mildred for some time either. Did Claude finally get finished in Evansville. By the sound of the papers they are going to try to force every one into a defense job. That should hurt a lot of people but somebody has to do the odd jobs for the civilians. Who is that going to be? If they try to start drafting women and hook you there’s going to be a revolution. Boy, that would make me mad. I want to know where you are and that you are okay. They got enough men for those jobs if they would quit picking them out to play baseball and golf and a thousand other things. Something sure is fishy there.

Well, kid, guess I’ve blowed my top enough now. Sure do thank you again for the package. Love you like everything and sure miss you, honey. Be good.

So long now.


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