Saturday, January 20, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, kinda hit the jackpot from you today. Got two v-mails from you dated Dec. 30+31st and two packages of funny papers. Got a nice card card from Mom too dated Nov. 30th. Only took a month and a half to find me. Not bad, huh. Sure was glad to hear from you. Hadn’t got any mail for five days and was sure beginning to wonder. The letters were the ones you wrote while in Chicago. I’m glad you got to go but evidently your good time was cut down on a little by you getting sick. For some reason or other I always worry about you more when the different holidays come up. Don’t know why I should but I do.

I’m enclosing my patch, you can put it in the scrapbook now. As soon as I have gathered up enough stuff to make a package I put put in my lanyard. The old dress uniform will look pretty dull without all the extra finery on, won’t it?

We got our weekly P.X. rations again today so I smoke again for awhile. I rated a package of Velvet pipe tobacco too so I’ll make out okay. Got these Milky War bars and another one of some kind and also this tablet. You’ll even get some more letters. Mom sent me five air mail stamps in her card. I keep them on hand for emergencies.

I’m getting along okay so far. Hope you are okay and haven’t slipped and fell anymore, You be careful when the snow is on. Also driving a car!

Well, honey, guess this is all the news at this end. No more packages yet! Wonder where it is?? Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


P.S. Leave off the separate on the address.

Wartime advertisement for the Milky Way bar made by Mars. Source: K Ration.

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