Monday, January 22, 1945

Dearest Gee.

No mail today again. Last night I answered Mom’s card but I just can’t find anything to write about. I’m heating a little water right now and getting ready to wash and shave. Getting so I shave almost every three days now. Use to be once a week whether I needed it or not.

Honey, did you put my gloves in a separate package from the other one? I sure could put them to good use if I had them.

I think I’m going to like this company better, really don’t know yet. I sure didn’t like to litter bear but it’s something that has to be done. A guy isn’t allowed to carry a rifle and sometimes you’d feel a hell of a lot better with one. But as I say I think that’s finished now. I had some experiences I sure won’t forget for awhile. The morning Douglass was caught in the mine field I sure felt low. My team helped get them out but as I’ve already told you he wasn’t hurt bad. Didn’t do his rear end any good tho. In this last job we had more Jerrys than our own boys, thank the Lord. We slept in that haystack you have the picture of. Just after we found another place the Jerrys landed a one-seventy about fifteen feet behind it. Jerry really laid in on that place but caused few casualties. It doesn’t do the nerves much good tho. Any by the way, don’t ever think the Jerrys don’t shoot litter bearers and medics because they do. They shot an awful good buddy of mine in Artena, Italy and he died. Really hated that too. We all liked him. You had never met him I don’t believe so I’ll not mention his name.

Well, honey, my water is hot now and the guy just brought the paper around for me to read so I’ll have to quit. The news sure looks good. Maybe this thing will end yet, suppose? Honey, I really do miss you. If you promise not to wear things green maybe I’ll come see you after the war. Don’t think you like me anymore. Sure love you.

So long now.


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