Wednesday, January 24, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, happy days are here again as the mail is finally coming in. I sure have been sweating it out. I got your swell letters of Dec. 26, 27th, Jan 3, and 5th. Also got Joannie’s dandy card and letter dated 1st of Dec. and a letter from Chickie with gobs of jokes in it that have been sent to him. Everyone gets such a kick out of them that when I saw him last I told him to be sure and send them whenever he gets any. This is the third batch I’ve got. They sure are funny.

Sure was glad you enclosed the three pictures of me. I hadn’t seen any of them and wanted to see how they turned out. Had Chick seem them or did he send home the roll undeveloped? Really look rugged on that motorcycle, don’t I. Underneath all that war material is still just plain me tho.

I hope Joannie is lots better now from her cold. Be sure and thank her for me for the swell card and letter and especially for burning the candle for me. That makes a guy feel pretty good and I’m no exception.

Now honey, the way your letter sounds (in between the lines) you aren’t getting along very good with your treatments. Isn’t there some way he can fix you for sure, or is he just fooling time away? You surely can judge whether he is doing you any good or not.

I read the article in the Tribune on Gen. Fredrick thru another guy getting a copy via his mail. It was a pretty good write up but it so happens Fredrick didn’t win all those fights singlehanded.

I should think you’d get tired of fighting those train crowds pretty soon. I can’t blame you for wanting a change once in awhile but, honey, please be careful. Sure wouldn’t want anything more to happen to you at this stage of the game.

Made another mistake, didn’t I, kid? I should never have sent the belt — I should have known it would have meant another dress! Just so it doesn’t mean shoes, coat, hat, gloves, and purse.

By the way, I’ve never received your package yet and sure am glad to hear you’re sending more. I could stand some more candy, also some chicken noodle soup. I’ve got one can left yet. Is it rationed? Don’t send it if it is.

Yes, honey, I still have the little stove you sent me and have put it into use a time or two. We generally use little gasoline stoves as they heat much faster but the little job should come in handy. By the way, that’s what Jerry uses too. Copy cats, huh!

Was happy to hear my snaps and negatives came through alright. I have some more negatives to mail when I get around to it. Wanted to see if those got through first.

No, honey, I’m not always a litter bearer. I’m sure glad I’m not too. I like to have a little something along in the way of shooting iron. I’ll send you two more of my patches and you can give one to Harry and one to Billy. Maybe they’d like to have one. I only have one more of those Black Devil pictures and it’s a bigger one. If you want to give Claudie the one you have I’ll send you this one. I can’t get any more.

That sure is fancy stationary you’re using. Those are cute sayings in the corners.

Yes, Close is okay. I just haven’t seen him for awhile. I did most of my running around with Douglass and Kelly. Lee is still alright but kinda cantankerous, and so is Hoffman. Does that take care of them?

Gotta quit now. Sure love you and miss you, honey. Be good.

So long.


Snook on motorcycle. Photo by Chick Bruns.

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