Friday, January 26, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got three nice packages today. Got yours, Joannie’s, and one from Es and Harry. Yours wasn’t the long-awaited one but it was okay anyway. It had candy, popcorn, and two packages of tobacco in it that were sure a big help. I’ve been smoking my pipe quite a bit lately. It also had funny papers in it too. Joannie’s had a can of vegetable soup (oh boy!), a jar of catsup, and caramels in it. She sure fooled me on the catsup. Hoffman was standing by, he though sure I’d hit on a fifth of whiskey the way it was done up. When I opened it you should have heard him yell. It’s strictly welcome, tho, I’ve really been using the mustard, kid. Es + Harry sent me a lot of candy bars and funny papers. Tell Joannie thanks a million for me, kid, and thank you too. What would I do without you?

I just wrote Chick a page tonight and answered his letter I got the other day. I didn’t get a[ny] letters today just the packages and the Reader’s Digest.
Sure hope Joannie’s cold is all right now. I’m thinking there must be an epidemic of colds going around there. Seems like everybody has them. Hope you don’t catch one too.

Honey, I think I’ll send home a bunch of those pictures you’ve sent me as they are just getting ruined. I’ll keep the ones I want and put the rest in a box. I”ll put my lanyard and patches and your “Black Devil” card in it too. I’m not much on picking up that other souvenir stuff.

The war news is looking better all the time, isn’t it? Sure hope we don’t get another disappointment. Don’t think it will be so easy for the Jerries to do that again.

Got myself a haircut from your friend Rizzi today. He’s turned out to be an ornery little rascal, kid. He’s got his mind too much on the women. I got my mind on just one tho. Always did say one was enough trouble for anybody, didn’t I? Sure could go for some of that trouble now. Really do miss you, honey. I hope it isn’t too much longer before we can see each other if only for a short time.

I’m okay so far. How’s your treatments coming along? Take care of yourself, honey, and I’ll see you later. Sure love you.

So long.


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