Saturday, January 27, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Gosh, honey, I got three more letters from you today and one from Claudie. Really am hitting them now. The letters were your Jan. 7th, 8th, and 14th so they were late ones. I was just checking up on the letters I got from you in December. I find it was seventeen so I don’t think I’m getting them all or else there are others that haven’t arrived yet. Just so I get some letters from you tho, that’s all that matters.

Honey, I sure wish you’d check up again on your hip. It doesn’t sound to me as if he is doing you any good at all. Isn’t there someone else you can go to that can do something for you? I think you are worrying too much about the money end of it. We’ll get him paid off someway, you get yourself straightened out before it’s too late.

Got our P.X. rations today again so I can smoke again now. Sure have been giving the old pipe hell lately. I’m getting so I like to smoke a pipe but I just can’t get any satisfaction out of one.

Kid, the pictures of the gang were all taken near Nice. I thought I told you that that building was Force Headquarters. We were (?) bivouaced (that’s wrong but you know what I mean) [bivouacked] there after being relieved. No, I didn’t get to live in any of the buildings. They were certainly beautiful houses tho. They paint them in bright colors and it sure is pretty.

Glad you aren’t mad at me for the dancing. That kind of opportunity doesn’t occur very often where a guy can have a good time tho. I don’t care much, I’m saving my good time for me and you. I guess it doesn’t make any difference how good or bad a guy dances in this country because the French girls just figure that’s the way they dance in America and it’s their fault if they get their feet stepped on.

So you took in a stage show. It must have been a good one and I’m sure glad you get to go and took Mom too. I haven’t heard from Mom since her Christmas card and letter. Hope she isn’t on the sick list. How is Joannie? She must have had quite a siege of it. I hope she is getting more letters from Chick now. Sometimes a guy has to write in some pretty miserable weather conditions. Maybe that has a little to do with it too. My letter from him as dated Jan 10th so he is still okay, I know. Can’t blame her for worrying, but it really doesn’t do anyone any good and herself a lot of harm.

You really must be in the grapes with the blind girl to be getting all the cigarettes, kid. Was wondering how you were managing. How is my pappy doing with his P.A.?

I guess there is still a few in the States who are bound and determined to coddle the prisoners. I read tonight where some church women wanted to throw a spaghetti supper for some dagoe prisoners and they put the clamp on it. What is the matter with those people, honey, don’t they have any one over here they care anything about?

Well, kid, I don’t want to get started on that or it will run into a book. I want to dash Claudie off a few lines and by that time it should be about bedtime for me.

Sure do love you, honey, and miss you like the devil. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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