Monday, January 29, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Sure got plenty of mail today, kid. A little more than I can answer tonight, I’m afraid, but I’m going to try like hell. I got your very fine letters of Dec. 8th, 28th, Jan. 4th, and 9th, and your swell Christmas card and letter of Dec. 9th. It was a mighty sweet sentiment. Then I got a letter from Mom, one from Sis, and one from Erv with his picture in it. His letter was dated Dec. 24th, don’t know why it took so long to get here. It was funny that in the letters today you were talking about how his picture looked and in the same mail I get the picture from him. It looks like mine would have got here first.

As most of the mail was fairly old it doesn’t leave a whole lot to write about.

I was sorry to hear the news about Ormand Hixon. It doesn’t take long to get it and it makes no difference how short a time you’ve been here or how long. I hope he gets along okay and isn’t wounded too badly!

I wondered why in the letter the other day you said the kids all moved in with Mrs. Fleshner and in the letter today you explained it. At least he’s had a break this far maybe he won’t have to go overseas.

Sure got a kick out of Val’s poem about the “gal from Nantucket.” She sure has a tough time with her boyfriends. Must be mighty tough on her moral.
Wonder where Erwin Hanson could be. I haven’t heard from him. Do you suppose he talked to Chick? If so, maybe Chick will say in his next letter.

I got a kick out of you talking about having the bull session with that Wanda and Jenny. I expect Jenny had lots to talk about, didn’t she? Who did she talk about kid? Herself? I sure hope and pray you do stay behind times on that stuff, kid, because if you don’t everything I have will be busted wide open — including me.

Surely Jack got Hilah something for her Christmas. That would be a lousy trick if he didn’t. I would have liked to have sent a present but you know the old story. By the way, I got paid yesterday and received the Combat pay — back pay rather. A hundred and twenty dollars worth. As soon as possible I’m going to carry out the plan of sending you fifty and Mom the same. I ain’t happy unless I’m broke anyway. It makes a hundred francs look bigger that way.

Hope Joannie is alright now. Tell her to take care of herself and quit worrying. Her son is an old veteran by now and if any of them come through I’m sure he will. Me — I’m half mole. It would have to go pretty far in the ground to catch me if they give me a chance.

I imagine Squires will be coming home, won’t he? He was sure lucky.

So got some letters to write kid so guess I’d better get started. Hope you can read this scratching. Really love you, honey, and miss you like everything.

Be good, so long.


Erv, Snook’s brother, whose picture Snook mentions receiving.

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